Patan Bhaktapur Tour -10Day

 Patan Bhaktapur Tour is ideal for the tourists who can spare a day to explore this historic valley

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

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Patan Bhaktapur Tour

Two of the major cities in Nepal, Patan, and Bhaktapur are the two historical and cultural gems of the nation. Patan Bhaktapur Tour is ideal for the tourists who can spare a day to explore this historic valley. Both Patan and Bhaktapur are the former royal estates that belonged to the former Malla Kingdom of Kathmandu valley. Although the history of the cities goes back centuries, the major inhabitant- Newar have heavily influenced the tradition, architecture, art, and culture of the cities for ages which can be witnessed clearly on the Patan Bhaktapur Tour.

Patan Bhaktapur Tour begins at Kathmandu. You’ll visit two historical cities inside Kathmandu valley and explore the major UNESCO World Heritage Sites in those cities. After early morning breakfast at the hotel, you’ll embark on a tour of Patan (Lalitpur) City. Patan is the largest among the cities in Kathmandu valley. An old town is home to over 600 stupas, temples, an age-old royal palace, and countless numbers of narrow alleys and traditional brick-roofed houses. After visiting Patan Museum and the surrounding touristic sites, you’ll embark on a tour of Bhaktapur City. Once at Bhaktapur, you’ll get to witness the age-old 55 Windowed Palace which has been turned into a museum. You’ll also explore the adjoining compound and visit 5 Storied Temple (Naytapola), Dattatraya Temple, Taleju Temple, and Pottery Square. Witnessing a rich Newari tradition still alive in Bhaktapur will be a moment to cherish. The tour is well facilitated by an experienced tour guide along with a private car and a chauffeur. You can undertake this tour anytime during the tour, however, spring (Mar-Jun) and autumn (Sep-Nov) seasons guarantee the best weather and accessibility.

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Trip Highlights

  • An overview tour of the artistic Patan (Lalitpur) City.
  • Cultural excursion of the historic Bhaktapur City.
  • Well guided overland tour with an experienced guide.
  • Witness some of the major UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu Valley.

Trip Fact

Geography : Urban/Semi-Urban Settlement

Location : Lalitpur/Bhaktapur/Kathmandu

Trip Grade : Easy

Duration : 1 day

Max Altitude : 1300m

Minimun Pax : 2 People

Religion : Hindu, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity

Ethnic People : Diverse

Accommodation  : Hotel

Transportation : Private 4 Wheelers

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Full-Day excursion:

Today you’ll embark on a full-day tour of the nearby cities of Patan and Bhaktapur.

AM: Drive to Patan after breakfast and visiting major places till Lunch |4 Hrs

You’ll drive almost 7km southeast of Kathmandu along the Bagmati River towards the old-city of Patan. Patan Durbar Square is one of the seven UNESCO World Heritage sites located inside the Kathmandu Valley. Patan Durbar Square consists of a museum (Patan museum), Krishna Temple, Golden Temple, Taleju Bell, Narsing Mandir, a historical water spout, and numerous other temples. You can also explore the nearby areas to the Durbar square which mostly consist of narrow alleys, brick-layered roof houses, pottery shops, bronze-work, and Thangkha (Ancient Buddhist Art) shops.

1 PM: Drive to Bhaktapur | 1 Hr. and Bhaktapur excursion till Evening and Drive back to Hotel

After lunch, you’ll drive 12km east of Patan to the historic city of Bhaktapur. The city is famous for its ancient cultural artifacts, historical monuments, and rich Newari art and architecture. You’ll get to visit the Bhaktapur museum (National Art Museum) and enjoy the ancient paintings preserved in the museum before heading out to explore the accompanying 55 Windowed Palace along with 5 Storied Temple (Naytapola), Dattatraya Temple, Taleju Temple, Taumadhi Square, Bhairav Nath Temple, Pujari math, and the famous Pottery Square. Take a rest and consider relishing the local dish Juju Dhau- the local curd before heading back to your hotel.