Why Danphe Adventure

Nepal has been one of the most sought-after travel destinations for few past decades. It is, however, not limited solely to the supremacy of Mount Everest, the cultural heritage of the capital Kathmandu, or the divine land of Lumbini. Nepal is more than it meets the eye. We have taken it as our duty to send this message across the globe, working for the prosperity of diverse tourism in Nepal. Our vision is to be the leading ethical trekking and tour company in Nepal and we believe it is through selfless service to our clients that we will achieve this goal.

We are an experienced and authorized company

Danphe Adventure was founded by trained local guide Amrit Burlakoti and a young travel enthusiast Uttam Kafle. Registered in Nepal as per the Nepal Company Act, the company is also authorized by Department of Tourism of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank and affiliated to Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal. People involved in the company have decade long experience in the tourism industry of Nepal. We have local people as guides and porters which allow us to explore authentic flavor of every trip in the Himalayas. We don't re-sell our package to the third party agency. This reaches out to many travelers across the world with affordable price.

We offer customizable travel packages

We believe that every single human being is unique and expect personalized service. So, our aim lies in providing customizable small tour packages which give you plenty of time and opportunity to explore Nepal in your own style with the help of our dedicated team. This option also helps you to plan your trip as per your budget and time availability.

Corporate social responsibility & environmental protection

10 percent of our net annual profit is allocated for child education, support for senior citizen, contribution to animal welfare, and disaster relief fund. Our office is open from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, however, our hotlines are always online if you need any support or information. Danphe Adventure is fully committed to environmental protection and promoting local culture and services. We make sure that we don't leave even single trash in the beautiful trail of Himalayas. Our guides and porters and trained in a way so they keep any kind of waste occurs during the trip in a designated area.

We promote local products and service

Danphe Adventure has the policy to use local service by empowering local people in the Himalayas. Our team of porters and guides are locals who spend most of their time in the high Himalaya region of Nepal thus know a lot about the mountains and are extremely knowledgeable about local customs and lifestyle.

We provide treks and expeditions both in and out of Nepal

Our service is not limited to the particularized area but it includes almost all trip packages that are available in Nepal. Trekking, hiking, peak climbing, expedition, and tour are the prominent travel packages offered by the company. Similarly, we provide various travel and tour package such as Jungle Safari in the southern part of Nepal where one can experience the amazing lifestyle of local people, the opportunity to immerse in the wild. In addition to these services, we offer village tour, home-stays, paragliding, bungee jumping, vehicle rental, and outdoor adventurous activities such as rafting and kayaking. Our extended service also offers wonderful trips to Bhutan and Tibet.

Satisfied travelers

We boast a high degree of successful trips all over the country, and as such, our clients are also fully content on the quality of the trips and services provided before, during, and after the trips. Our satisfied travelers and their opinions are available in Trip Advisor, Facebook, and our website.