Langtang Region

The Langtang region sits next to the Tibetan border and garners the attention of both  pikigims and trekkers alike. Mostly an underrated region, this region comprises of some the pilgrims and trekkers alike. Mostly an underrated region, this region comprises of some the astounding trails with a delinquent view of the jaw-dropping Himalayas along with the delicate dance between man and nature that is not found elsewhere in the world. With options ranging from multiple day treks to shorter ones and heritage treks to peak climbing, the Langtang region is a paradise for both experts and novice travelers.


The Langtang region is easily accessible from the Kathmandu valley as it sits just north to it. There is the option of either starting from Chisapani or Sybrubensi. The Langtang region offers unparalleled natural scenery as it resides in the enchanting Langtang National Park (1710 sq. km.). The major treks such as the Langtang Gosainkunda trek, Helambu trek, and the Langtang valley trekking mandate us to enter this park. The trail provides a euphoric experience as you’ll walk through dense rhododendron forests and might even get the opportunity to observe the shy red panda. This trek also has a high wild animal encounter rate. Relish at the sight of icy giants like Langtang Himal (6596m), Langtang Lirung (7227m), Langtang Ri (7246m), and Yala Peak (5500m). As you venture through the quaint Buddhist settlements of Kutumsang, Tharepati, and Phedi, you’ll get acquainted with the lifestyle of the Sherpa and Tamang people with some sprinkles of Tibetan culture. Learn more about their cultures by taking the Tamang heritage tour, and pray at the Kyanjin and Shin Gompas.


The Langtang region is the bearer of the mighty Gosainkunda Lake, which according to Hindu mythology, was created by Lord Shiva to quench his thirst. The lake feeds the Trishuli River too which we can observe on the road. Along with lakes like Bhairab Kunda and Saraswatikunda, these lakes represent gems on the barren snowy region and in winter, they turn completely solid. Yala Peak is the sole most famous peak climbing destination in the region which, although not as tall as the peaks in other parts of the country, stands out with the enchanting that the summit beholds.

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