Jungle Safari In Nepal

17 Jul

Jungle Safari In Nepal

  • Jungle safari in Nepal offers to explore willife preservation, vegitation and also chance to experience elephent and crocodile breeding center. Safari is totally different than Himalayas. The land of south part is flat, and it is very famous for watching birds, elephant riding and jeep safari, jungle walk, village and cultural tour. Jeep safari and Elephant safari takes you close to observe a wildlife activities like Rhino, Tiger Crocodile and different types of birds. In Nepal, there is 10 national park, 3 wildlife reserves, and six conservation area. Between of them Chitwan National park and Bardia National park is very famous for doing safari.
  • Chitwan Jungle Safari
safari at National Park
  • Chitwan Jungle Safari explores the Chitwan National Park which is home to a rich tropical evergreen forest, exotic wildlife, and numerous tourist destinations. Chitwan jungle safari takes to the adventurous journey through the wilderness of Southern Nepal. The oldest inhabitants of the area, comprising of Tharu culture and their lifestyle which is also ripe for exploration on the tour.
  • Chitwan National Park was established in 1973, was granted the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Crocodile Breeding center and Elephant Breeding center is the another highlight of the tour. There is various option to explore National park, as Jungle walking, Jeep safari or Elephant Safari, which makes such a remarkable memory. This is a oldest national park of Nepal, and also home to the endangered species of Royal Bengal Tiger and One-Horned Rhino. If you are lucky, you can spot the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger during the Jungle Safari.
  • Bardia National Park Tour


Bengal Tiger
  • The Baral Parkdia Nation sits in the lowland Terai and is touted by many as the abode of the endangered Bengal Tigers. The park gives a vibrant combination of Flora and Fauna which is guaranteed to elevate your enthusiasm levels, and leave you in a state of euphoria. With easy accessibility and a promised package of culture from Tharu, the Bardia National Park tour in on its way to becoming THE wildlife tour in Nepal.
  • It covers the area of 968 sq. km and borders the Geruwa and karnali Rivers. The park houses endangered species like Bengal Tiger and one-horned rhinoceros. This tour relatively easy but it includes a lot of walking. Along the trip, we can see numerous mammals like grey langur, sloth bears, and the hog deer. Enjoing the elephant ride and feed bananas and fruits to these gentle giants will be a lifetime memory. Doing canoeing in the Geruwa River will chance to observe Gangetic dolphins and mugger crocodiles. The park is densely populated with a huge variety of vegetation and you can see some migratory birds as well.

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