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13 Dec

International Payment in Nepal

International Payment simply define as the process of buying and selling something from one country to another country where sender and receiver money are located in two unlike country. In the context of our country, International Payment is bit difficult where normal people can’t use this facility. Only precise people has got  debit/credit card  i.e visa or master card which accept international payment in  Nepal. In Nepal International Payment is possible but only certain people has got this facility.

Eligibility for International Payment in Nepal

In Nepal, International Payment can only be done by using USD (United State Dollar) card i.e master card, visa card or  American express system. International Payment gateway provider such  as paypal, Payoneer need these card for payment purpose internationally.

In order to have international payment acceptance card, we need to have USD account on bank. In our country, Bank provide credit card or debit card but these card do not accept international payment. Bank provide visa or master card  to those citizen who are traveler. Bank provide such card to them based on their passport and by confirming aeroplane tickets. People who are holding FCY (Foreign Currency) account  also can get such card.

Eligibility for FCY account in Nepal            

  • Nepali citizen but working and earning in foreign country.
  • NGOs, INGOs as per order of Nepal Rastra Bank.
  • Foreign citizen who are orking in Nepal.
International payment system

Need of International Payment in Nepal

We can get lots of benefits from international payment system. Here are some use and need of international payment system.

  • People can earn money by working in Freelancing which play vital role in decreasing unemployment in Nepal.
  • We can promote our business  in  a  digital way by advertising on social media like facebook, instagram, youtube and we can boost them.
  • For the purpose of buying and selling goods internationally.
  • To use service like buying domain and hosting from renown domain register and web hosting company, buying software, games, apps from google, download paid movie from netflix we need international payment system.
  • Devloper need it to buy Android development license and Application development license.
  • International transaction can easily done from Nepal.
  • User can use paid facility provided by Apple, Google, Microsoft.

Obstracle Due to Devoid of International Payment system in Nepal

In  Nepal International payment system can be used only by certain authorized people. It is almost inaccessible to normal people. Developers are being frustrate where they need international payment system to buy android and application development license. It bother to  website developer who can’t buy google play card, theme, plugins for their website. People who are working on freelancing can’t receive their working payment. People can’t even promote their business by boosting facebook and other social media. It is much difficult to use paypal service in Nepal which can be only activate in foreign country. We can’t even buy need goods from international commercial site like Amazon by using card provided by bank of Nepal. To publish our games, application also we need international payment system. Nepali citizen are not able to use all the above facility due to not availability of international payment system in Nepal.

Nepal online payment gateway

My Opinion on Restricted  International Payment System in Nepal

Nepali residence are facing lots of problems due to unavailability of international payment system in Nepal. In the matter of payment, Nepal government should give proper vision on it. People are working Freelancing but they are not able to receive their payment. This problem should be solved. Lots of Nepalese people can get benefits from it.

Online payment gateway of Nepal such as eSewa, Khalti, Ipay should be use internationally. If international payment is accept from eSewa then them we can get lots of advantage. Our government should have concept on how international payment can help to Nepalese people. I request to the people who are in authority to implement international payment system.It can be done  by making certain rules and regulations. If you all people make effort an step up together to implement international payment system in Nepal then surely there will be the facility of international payment syetem in Nepal too.

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