Famous Cultural tour in Kathmandu

24 Jul

Famous Cultural tour in Kathmandu

  1. Boudhanath Stupa

Tour in Kathmandu, Boudhanath Stupa was built in the 14th century (various interesting legends are told regarding the reasons for this construction) which is one of the most famous place for Tibetean Budhism. At 1979 this stupa was listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today it becomes an important place for Meditation and excursion. This is one of the most Tourist attraction in Kathmandu, and only 7km away from center of Kathmandu (Thamel). 

  • Durbar square

Tour in Kathmandu, Kathmandu Durbar Square known as Hanuman Dhoka Square is one of the major attractions for travelers In Kathmandu. The palace is named Hanuman a monkey god, as a stone statue of hanuman placed to the main entrance as protecting the whole palace, establishing by King Pratap Malla in 1672 A.D. The whole complex is known as Kathmandu Durbar Square, surrounding by Buddhist and Hindus temple, ancient Newari architecture and old Royal Palace at heart of Kathmandu. And also listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today Kathmandu Durbar Square is using for religious ceremony, including kumara (living Goddess).

  • Swayambhunath ( Monkey Temple)

Tour in Kathmandu, Swayambhunath is known as holy religious places for Buddhist peoples, where large of both Hindus and Buddhist people like to visit, Known as a Monkey Temple. It is built by king Manadeva, and it becomes an important center of Buddhism. It believes that Swyambhu was born out lotus flower that bloomed in the middle of the lake that spread across the Kathmandu valley. People believes once Kathmandu was full of water with beautiful lake, and Manjushree (enlightened person) emptied the lake by using sword to cut a hill in Chovar ( beside Kathmandu valley where the only place, all of the water from Kathmandu valley passing out) and let go passed all water, so people to able to stay at this beautiful place. Buddha’s eyes on the middle point of Stupa and also shop, restaurant and hostels makes more attractive. Panoramic view of Kathmandu, and beside mountain range is another highlight of that Stupa. Since 1979 This Stupa was listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Pashupatinath Temple

Tour in Kathmandu, Pashupatinath (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is famous and most sacred religious Temple for Hindus People, which is situated beside the Holy River Bagmati. The big and largest Hindus temple offers to experience cultural, religious and spirituality about Hindus people. There are around 492 temples, 15 Shivalayas and 12 Jyotirlinga. Every year in Maha Shivaratri thousands of devotees visit Pashupatinath Temple, the night when LordShiva performed the Tandav (The cosmic dance). Pashupatinath Temple is dedicated to lord shiva, one of the most important religious place for devotee of Lord Shiva.

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